Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Second Life

I am happy to say that my experiences with Second Life this time are much better than my original ones. Since I enjoy MMPOGs I thought I would really like Second Life. My first few times there I couldn’t find any interesting sites. The first time I left the trainer island I ended up in a brothel and had someone IMing me for over two hours wanting me to come back. I am glad our visit in class was much more rewarding. Besides the sites we visited I have went to other links at these sites and have enjoyed far too many hours looking around. This is now more like my online games, which seem to consume many hours before I realize it. I do agree with others in the class you can spend so much time here and still feel you don’t know what you are doing. Also just getting your avatar to look like you want can take days. I would like to spend more time in the sandbox but again, the thing is time. Who decided we only need 24 hours in a day. They were wrong we need more. Well, just my thoughts on Second Life, hope it gives my insight.

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