Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Parents Need to Change

This is in comment to one of Sarah’s blogs Way to Go Rad Techno. It relates to one of my earlier comments to Steve’s blog where it was discussing “Need to Change”. I think it is great what Sarah H. is doing at her school. As I stated in the earlier blog my daughter is good about having comments on what is going on in her classes. It is also disappointing how my daughter’s school is using technology. I am glad that Sarah’s school allows them to connect to Google Docs and Google Search.
Again, I think before you can truly get technology in schools you have to get the parents onboard. It is great that Sarah has created a blog for the parents to find out what is going on. The things I have to ask here is, how many of the parents do go online and read the blog.
I know several of my daughter’s friends that will not allow their child to have a MySpace. I find this somewhat disturbing because they do in fact have a MySpace it is just listed under another name and email address. I think these parents are being a bit naive if they think because they don’t see it on their computer it doesn’t exist. I think it is time for parents to take the time to look at what their children are doing online and take some responsibility. To continue down the road of just saying no to technology isn’t going to work. The parents need to take the responsibility to see what their children are doing.
To put it in a different perspective, I am sure John Deere would discover, and take a dim view if you were on adult sites looking at hot studs 4 hours a day. To me this is no different than a parent taking the time to look at the sites their children are viewing.
Just my view, comments welcome.

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